The Beehive Collective

Here’s the buzz:

The Beehive Collective is a giving circle that awards grants to non-profits working toward making Raleigh a better place, and members of the Beehive Collective are interested in supporting the development of women through local activities. By pooling our resources and organizing fun events, we raise money to fund community projects.

Since 2008, we’ve given away more than $175,000 in support of causes ranging from public transportation to youth healthcare. Our giving theme for 2017 is health and healthcare, and all proceeds will go toward funding our grant at the end of the year.

The Bee Ball and its Royalty Court are our biggest fundraisers and last year we raised over $26,000 from this one event! Buy a ticket and use your dollars to crown our Queen and/or King Bees for 2017. This is Raleigh's best party of the year. Don't get left out! 

Visit our website for more information!

9th Annual Bee Ball: May 6, 2017

Join us at The Maywood in Raleigh for this year's Bee Ball! Buy your tickets and cast your vote to crown this year's Bee Ball Queen or King. If you need your gift to be tax deductible, then head to the Triangle Community Foundation website and mark your contribution to the Beehive Collective for your Royalty choice: