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Napoleon Wright - Vote Now!

Vote for Napoleon Wright for the 2017 Bee Ball Court and join us at the 9th Annual Bee Ball on May 6th!

Napoleon Wright II is a motion and graphic designer as well as a music producer and vocalist. Napoleon began his design career working in public relations and corporate environments. He now utilizes that background within his own company, Pan II Creative. Napoleon's passion is to support agencies, groups, and individuals with their artistic needs. To further this mission, he also founded a branch of Pan II Creative, Becauseus (pronounced “because-us”), which serves as a dependable source of creatives who are dedicated to the betterment of humankind through art, music, and design.

To inform his creative process, Napoleon draws upon foundational experiences as a "military brat" who grew up around the country as well as overseas. He departed from the nomadic life upon moving to North Carolina in 2000 and has been establishing roots in Raleigh over the past 12 years.

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9th Annual Bee Ball: May 6, 2017

Join us at The Maywood in Raleigh for this year's Bee Ball! Buy your tickets and cast your vote to crown this year's Bee Ball Queen or King. If you need your gift to be tax deductible, then head to the Triangle Community Foundation website and mark your contribution to the Beehive Collective for your Royalty choice: