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Camille Wigely - Vote Now!

Vote for Camille Wigely for the 2017 Bee Ball Court and join us at the 9th Annual Bee Ball on May 6th!

You may recognize Camille Wigely as your bartender from Person Street Bar or maybe you got to know her when she worked at J Betski’s. Either way, this Californian has nestled her way into the Raleigh community after moving here six years ago with her husband. These days you can find her working at Person Street Bar and CurEat, a local food app focusing on independent restaurants. Additionally, she’s in collaboration with three other amazing individuals to start TIPS/This Is Proper Service, an organization that brings the service industry and activism together to raise funds for different non-profits each month. 

On a personal note, Camille is passionate about cooking, travel, adventure, community, and bonfires. She is a huge animal lover and can frequently be found watching cute animal videos on Youtube (you know you do it too). When she isn’t watching goofy videos, she’s playing with her two dogs and giggling with her husband over cheesy jokes. 

This fundraising season, let Camille be your cruise ship director that puts the fun in fundraising!

9th Annual Bee Ball: May 6, 2017

Join us at The Maywood in Raleigh for this year's Bee Ball! Buy your tickets and cast your vote to crown this year's Bee Ball Queen or King. If you need your gift to be tax deductible, then head to the Triangle Community Foundation website and mark your contribution to the Beehive Collective for your Royalty choice: