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Brad Johnson - Vote Now!

Vote for Brad Johnson for the 2017 Bee Ball Court and join us at the 9th Annual Bee Ball on May 6th!

Brad grew up in Raleigh, moving here just late enough ( aged 5 ) to miss the light southern brogue. After graduating from Enloe he ran away to the University of Cincinnati dead set on being an Architect.

He learned that the systems of places and communities were much more intriguing so he finished in Urban Studies. In the meantime, he became an irrational Bearcat and appreciated the deep love of place that seemed to hang in the old queen city.

Returning to Raleigh after school he became a part of the community conversation that was emerging. After jumping around trying to figure out what to do - selling fish and running food - he became a planning tech then shifted to the software of local government.

Now, he’s merged all his passions for local government technology and community engagement by joining a startup trying to solve that very problem, Cityzen. Currently he’s serving on the Parks and Recreation board and the Community Engagement Task Force, helping to make the city the best possible. He cannot resist local makers. Greenways and parks are his happy place.

In December he got married under an old oak tree on Union Square, having found his best friend.

Given any opportunity he will geek about the city of Raleigh and/or citizen engagement and/or your project.  

Any support we can share for the Collective’s incredible mission would be awesome!

9th Annual Bee Ball: May 6, 2017

Join us at The Maywood in Raleigh for this year's Bee Ball! Buy your tickets and cast your vote to crown this year's Bee Ball Queen or King. If you need your gift to be tax deductible, then head to the Triangle Community Foundation website and mark your contribution to the Beehive Collective for your Royalty choice: